Hey, It's Mia!

I am so thankful you are here to join me on this journey of simplifying life and aging AWESOME!  

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I’ve learned that it is not all about anti-aging, it is learning to age AWESOME! I’m here to share simple, realistic and purposeful beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips on how to simplify your overwhelmed makeup bags, closets and homes. My hope to help you buy back a few more minutes to focus on being overjoyed with life versus being overwhelmed. 

Hey there! It's Mia.

My goal is to inspire and educate women of all ages, especially women who like me, at age 54, are navigating the aging process.

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Why Work With Mia?

Some things in life are hard, especially as we age. So many choices and information can be overwhelming. Your makeup should not be one of them! I hear it all the time, “ At my age how do I deal with fine lines, redness, hyperpigmentation, dark under eyes? I want to look natural, I am not good at makeup.” First, it is never too late and second, I am here to help you simplify your makeup bag. Let me find the perfect shade of foundation for you, become a master at how to apply it and feel more confident than ever using your SEINT products. 

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As a SEINT Artist, you can earn up to 40% commissions on your sales, plus the opportunity for bonuses by building and mentoring a team of your own.

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Our one-compact system revolutionizes the way you do your makeup - no more clutter, layers of makeup on your face or endless amounts of time spent in front of the bathroom mirror!

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As soon as I started using Seint products, I began receiving compliments! I love working with Mia because she is knowledgeable and beyond helpful. She goes out of her way to educate, answer questions, and follow up to ensure I am getting the most from my products I purchased. 

— Lynn c.

 Mia’s knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry really shined through her personalized product recommendations and guidance. She selected the perfect shades for my skin tone and personal style. Mia is my Go to Gal for Seint!

— terri s.

I loved the whole concept of how easy it looked and that I could travel with it so easily but I was nervous about making sure I could apply it correctly and thought I would be overwhelmed but Mia went through the process and made it easy and fun!

— sue m.

Mia helped me customize my Seint makeup palette for my skin tone and showed me how to apply it. So Simple!! I can’t say enough about the cream products and how they last throughout my 8+ hour work day!

— julie d.

I like a natural look and have struggled over the years with finding a simple regimen. Mia was amazing at color matching me and helping me understand how to use the products. She listened to me and came up with a palette that I absolutely love.

— allyn l.

I love working with Mia because she is always full of great ideas on how to use my Seint products, and what will look best with my skin tone and eye color. I feel like with her help and the fantastic Seint products, everyone can have the same great results I get. I have never gotten so many compliments on my makeup as I have since using Seint!

— kelly w.

Are you interested in becoming a SEINT artist?

You might have questions about what becoming an artist means. Click below to learn more. Hopefully I can answer all of your questions but I would be happy to jump on a call with you to dive deeper about this great opportunity!