Hey, It’s Mia and I am so thankful you are here to join me on this journey of simplifying life and aging AWESOME!  


Meet Mia Walker

Hey, It’s Mia and I am so thankful you are here to join me on this journey of simplifying life and aging AWESOME!  Yes, I could talk about beauty and fashion to anyone that will listen!  In college I started working in the beauty industry and fell in love with everything about it, especially helping women look and feel their best and 30+ years later I am still in that industry and still have that same passion.  

I think my girlfriends would say I’m their go-to when they have a make-up or skincare question for sure and even when they have a fashion or interior design question. ( another huge passion of mine!)

Around the age of 52 I started to feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I had in my closet, my home and yes, my makeup bag.  Remember, being in the industry, this girl had accumulated a lot of makeup over the years!  I had seen SEINT pop up on social media and I have always loved a cream product being a drier skin and then when I saw that it could fit into one palette and make traveling easier I thought “heck, what’s one more thing in my bathroom drawer going to hurt!” I purchased my first palette and fell in love with everything SEINT.  After using SEINT for almost two years I cleaned out that bathroom drawer and decided to jump in as a SEINT Artist so I could share with others the amazing SEINT products. 

Are you ready to work together? Join my team here or fill out my color match form if you’re interested in purchasing makeup!

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