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Clean Your Brushes!!

I know we could all be better at this but take the time to clean your makeup brushes, please! There are so many reasons why it makes a difference. One, your brushes will last A LOT longer if you take care of them. Second, your products will go on much better with clean brushes, especially creamier products. Third, if you are oiler or breakout prone, keeping your brushes clean just keeps the bacteria and yuck away!

There are two ways to clean your makeup brushes. An everyday quick clean up can be done with a brush cleanser like one of my favorites from SEINT Makeup. I really like this one because you can spray it directly on the brush and then wipe it on a paper towel or spray it on the paper towel and run your brush across it. Others I have used have been too oily and leave my brushes too wet and I can’t use them right away. For a deep clean of your brushes I suggest you use a baby shampoo or sometimes I will use Dawn dish soap to really cut through the build up in some of my brushes. Only get the bristles wet, suds them up and squeeze the makeup out of them, rinse well and lay flat to dry overnight.

I often get asked “How often should I wash my brushes?” I would say a deep clean once or twice a month, especially if you are oiler or breakout prone. A daily or every other day with a spray brush cleaner like the SEINT one will definitely make a difference in between your deep washes.

Link for SEINT Brush Cleaner

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