Meet Mia Walker

Hey, It’s Mia and I am so thankful you are here to join me on this journey of simplifying life and aging AWESOME!  Yes, I could talk about beauty and fashion to anyone that will listen!  In college I started working in the beauty industry and fell in love with everything about it, especially helping women […]



January 4, 2024

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more about me

I’ve learned that it is not all about anti-aging, it is learning to age AWESOME! I’m here to share simple, realistic and purposeful beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips on how to simplify your overwhelmed makeup bags, closets and homes. My hope to help you buy back a few more minutes to focus on being overjoyed with life versus overwhelmed. 

Hey there! I'm Mia.

My goal is to inspire and educate women of all ages, especially women who like me, at age 54, are navigating the aging process.

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